Thinking Like A Critical Reader

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                 Looking back on ENG 131, I have begun to realize all the true aspects of  being a critical reader. Being able to look through a paper or poem and think about it critically was a struggle for me at first, as the class went on throughout the semester I began to look at things differently. Not only would I see things differently, I would think about them in way I never had before. But, in my earlier english classes they wouldn’t have.

             In ENG 131, we created blogs on our blog we posted papers and different things about us. Writing in the blogs helped me allow more people to read my writing and comment if they wanted. Knowing that anyone and everyone could read my writing made me kind of uneasy. I am really shy when it comes to my work. Writing on the blog and having my professor grade it, people read it, and comment on it was a good experience. I think it made me more confident about my writing and I can proudly say I am not uneasy about it anymore. Thanks to Professor Lucas for pushing me through.

            Professor Lucas has shown me new way of looking at writing. She has opened my eyes of many new aspects of english. In the excerpt “The Blind Side”  Michael tells the story about two players running into one another and getting tackled and ending one’s career. Sad, yes, but the way he does it was so unique and made me realize the simplicity of writing that. All he did was count one mississippi, two Mississippi and so on. He caught our attention with counting and that blows my mind how all it takes it something as simple as counting.

       This class may have been the most valuable english class I have ever taken. Not only has it helped me write but has opened my eyes to the more important parts of writing. And made me realize that sometimes less is more. Most importantly, your writing is never finished just nearly abandoned.


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   Annotated  bibliography   

         Lewis,michael. “The Blind Side”, 2006

                     Michael begins this excerpt of “Blind Side” very unusual he starts it off by counting how many seconds it may or would take to destroy a career of football. He explains how Theismann faced with an oppinate coming straight for him(Carson) and is tackled into the ground. He goes on to say how we would think how they do not get scared anymore, them being in the NFL they should not be scared of the tackling. He stated that they do think about it. They lay awake at night thinking about it, shaking and sweating scared.


         Collins,Billy. “The History Teacher”, 2003

                    In the poem Billy Collins explains the ice age to his students, he tries to explain what happened on that day in the most innocent way possible. He tells them it was just a very cold and chilly day. He tells the kids things that they would be interested in the truth but not really the truth. He flips in the middle of the poem and turns it around. Saying what if the kids grow and do not know what really happened is he tapering with history?


    Richtel, Matt. .” Blogs vs. Term Papers “, 20 Jan. 2012.

              Blogs vs Term papers by Matt Richtel he explains the differences of the two. How blogs can be more free hand. Also, how term papers may not be something you like to do, strictly because they feel forced. Being in highschool I never really understood the importance of learning how to write papers. I would ask myself why? I do not need to know this. Now that I am in college and can see, Writing a paper is way more than just simply writing it takes time and effort. Students need to understand the difference and learn to do both fluently.


       Twenge, Jean M. “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?”, Sept. 2017.

               Jean explains in “Have Smart Phones Destroyed the Generation” that she believes that smartphones have destroyed the use of real relationships and how people interact.  The people do not interact with each other like they used too. Comparing this to my FYE class here at Lenoir-Rhyne we had to track how long we were on our phones for a day and I was on my phone for a total of 12 hours. I was shocked to see that I was behind a screen for that long. So I agree with her people don’t interact or have the relationships like they used too.

          Collins,Billy.”Snow Day”,2001

             “Snow Day” by Billy Collins is about how all the schools are out because of the snow. He sees kids playing on the streets and people playing all around. He says he is trying to listen for the sound of the snow. He believes that there’s a snow fight somewhere.


     Kichener,Caroline. “Why So Many Adults Love Young-Adult Literature”.2017

             She talk in the book “Why So Many Adults Love Young-Adult Literature” how you would think that teenagers would appeal more to the more teen books. But, adults tend to want to escape from whatever they are going through and take a stroll down memory lane. In books they make take you back to your very first kiss, slow dance or first date. Kichener says that’s why adults tend to appeal more the book for younger or late teens.


Swinging around with Zadie Smith


Rebecca Howe

English 131.01

Jane Lucas

25 March 2018


               In the book Swing Time by Zadie Smith, she tells a story about two girls who brown and dreams to be dancers. One Tracey who is actually good, and another who still dreams big to be a dancer, but has no skill. Tracey’s best friends name is never given to us by Zadie for many reasons I will explain in  the paragraphs below. The book itself is something unique and has many lessons and will make you think.

     Zadie Smith wrote the book Swing Time in first person for many different reasons I believe. One most importantly being that she wanted this book to be be different. Writing this book in first person gave not only a spin on the book but gave a different outlook on things. The narrators name was never given to us by Zadie. Us being the readers had a chance to make whoever the narrator may be, we had a chance to make her our own person. We had the chance in this book to put it all together and make the narrator someone we could compare ourselves too.

     Comparing ourselves to someone in whatever book we may be reading is a very important  part of a book to me. Because being able to compare ourselves to someone or something makes the book only that much better. In Swing Time Zadie allows us to make part of the book our own.  “I looked at my stupid feet, that couldn’t do wings. I sat down and quietly began to cry” (41). In the quote from the book the unnamed narrator talks about how she cannot dance. She tells how she cannot do wings. She feels as if she is defeated and she can’t do it anymore. And this part of the book I really compared myself to.  In the seventh grade I tried out for volleyball and made it, after the tryouts were over and I had made it. The coach then asked me if I could please be the manger, she had made a mistake and allowed to many people on the team. I felt as if all the hard work I did practicing and preparing for the tryouts were worthless. I felt defeated and felt as if I was not worthy enough to even take on the managers position. I knew that I may not have not been the best on the team, but I made it and did not want to take on the manager’s position.

    The book being in first person is why I could connect more with this book more than any other. The way that Zadie Smith wrote this book is phenomenal. Not knowing is better in this case. Not knowing who the narrator is and her saying I and us reading it as if it were us. “I dropped my satchel and headed straight for Tracey’s”(35). In this quote she is talking about how she is going over to her bestfriends house. I think this book Zadie Smith’s allows it to be an open book, there’s something everyone can relate to and connect with. Zadie Smith is very unique and has a way of writing like no other I have ever seen. Comparing yourself to a character or a certain thing in a book can get you more engaged in what you are reading. Also the book being in first person and not knowing the narrator made this book different than any other. Many may want to ask Zadie why? Why did she not give the narrator a name why didn’t she introduce us to her? I think because she wanted us to make the narrator who we wanted her to be.

Work Cited

Smith, Zadie. Swing Time. 2016. Penguin, 2017.



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The Big Apple

My name is Sarah Rebecca Howe, but I go by Rebecca. One of my most favorable moments was when I went and visited New York City(The Big Apple).  Visiting New York has always been a dream of mine. I love the city and how fast everything moves there. Some of the things that I experienced while I was there included visiting the Empire State Building, the 9/11 Memorial and the Statue of Liberty. The one that I was most engaged in was the Empire State Building without a doubt. The reason being was because one of my favorite shows Gossip Girl was shot in New York City. My favorite scene was held on the very top of the Empire state building. Chuck Bass was waiting at the top for Blaire Waldorf. Being up there and standing exactly where he was standing was a rush like no other. You could say i’m a hopeless romantic. I am very grateful to have been able to see my favorite city! I was a New Yorker for exactly one week, and it was and forever will be my dearest memory.IMG_2284IMG_2281IMG_2263